Namaste! As I began practicing yoga for several years, I wanted to share the enjoyment of yoga with people. With the skills of making book for 4 years and my passion for yoga, I knew that I could create something great. 
Yoga Series is an independent publishing that guides people yoga movements for particular purpose. Each book is sorted out with effective yoga positions to do in the situation like when they are angry, sad, or want to sleep well. It is contained with six yoga movements and explanations of the process leading up to the movements. So far 6 books (angry yoga, good sleep yoga, sad yoga, love yoga, twisted yoga, focus yoga) have been published with a plan of series of 10. Still on going with the sales and planning to make the rest at 2020.
My goal was to make a way for people to easily encounter and enjoy yoga. That is why book is made as a handy size of B6(128X182mm) and affordable price of $4. With additional goods, I launched this project through social funding platform Tumblbug, and 197 people supported this idea and it was a success of 274%.
I promoted Yoga Serise through channel of book fairs, markets, independent bookstores and naturally talked with people. It was a great experience get the live response from the readers. After, I luckily large publisher has been contacted, and published a book with florished content.
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