Jina Kim is an empathic and clear thinking designer with 4 years running experience of design entrepreneurship. Design work she has done includes book publication, festival planning, branding, education and team management experience. She decided to move to Service Design in order to have a bigger impact on today's society. Working in the social sector, how and why we work, and making our work meaningful became her natural interest. With a professional background in art, design and a personal passion for social impact, she strives to continue to bridge the two in future projects.

Communication & Service Designer at FARMFRANamhae, Korea (2021. 01 - 2021. 08​​​​​​​)
Co-Founder & Creative Director at 40000km - Gyeonggi-do, South Korea (2015. 05 - 2018. 11)
Visual Designer at Social Enterprise ‘Living & Arts Creative Center’ - Seoul, South Korea (2016. 03 - 2017. 05)
Freelance Designer at over 20 companies - (2017 - )

MA in Service Design, Royal College of art (2018. 09 - Scheduled)
BA in Sculpture and Minor in Visual Design, Gachon University (2010 - 2014)
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