The Brief
Leverage networked technology to empower children to Develop resilience and foster healthier habits in the future
YaYa is a networked service layer designed to improve the long term mental health of kids. It connects all wearables and smart systems in a family’s life that gives “nudges” in the form of gamification for children to help themselves make mentally healthy lifestyle choices. Connecting all wearables and smart systems in a family’s life that helps parents keep aware of their children’s mental, emotional health. 
Agency: Alpha Telefonica, Royal College of Art
Team Credit: Amogh Lux, Astha Johri, Jina Kim, Kyle Macdonald, Lucia Lee, Shanshan Liu
Provided Service Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Time: September 2019 - December 2019
Project Background
This project started in the context of the cross-platform research project of RCA Service Design with Telefonica Alpha Health to explore future service visions on health and happiness. Alpha assigned to each team a different topic area, The question we were asked was “How far should we expand ourselves?, How might we empower people to find balance in the expansion of their available options in life with the threat of compromising their bodies and minds? How might we deal with external actors that will intervene in a way that decreases the potency of our agency?”
Design Process
Increase of mental health related issues will directly relate with having a healthier and happier life. From our desk research we found out that mental health problems (particularly depression) will be the leading cause of mortality and morbidity. In fact, 75% of mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday. For this reason that mental health can develop in an early stage of life, we decided to focus on our topic of prevention of children from having mental health problems. 
Service Requirements
Service Requirments
Our Solution​​​​​​​
YaYa, Changing Children's Habits by Gamifying Routine
How does it work?
The best way to change a habit is to change the routine. YaYa collects and analyzes data that relates to the mental health status of the child and gives different tasks that are non-intrusive, hence the term ‘nudges’. Nudges works in different frequencies as the child is growing up, learning from the system, and developing as an individual. 
When the child successfully finishes each task, he or she will be rewarded with Yaya points which they will be able to use in real-life purchases, discounts etc. These points are the reinforcing incentives which act as a loyalty plan for healthier habits, helping to convert small wins into long term habits. 
Yaya’s feature expands to a parent dashboard visualizing various data for consideration regarding the child’s emotional, mental status as well as the Yaya tasks the child is doing. It will include information like sleep time&quality, energy levels, stress levels, etc. This will help parents be aware of any irregularities with the child’s mental status.​​​​​​​
Service Layer ​​​​​​​
Service Blueprint
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