Design Your Stress Monster
My Cheeky Monster is a creative approach to mindfulness, which helps people stay on top stress behaviours in a personalised and playful way. As part of our Future Makers Festival at Apple, Our team guided participants transform stress into a clan of cute monsters using iPad. Then we went deeper to build better relationships with your motley crew.

Agency: Apple, Royal Collage of Art
Team Credit: Jina Kim, Hyejin Lee, Runa Yu
Provided Expertise: Research, Designed visual contents including illustration, infographics, templates. Charge of illustration workshop in the event
Time: September 2019 - January 2020
Our Motivation
In the talkless and busy city, people may consider stress as the routine on the treadmill as struggling with work and time. During the research we found out 74% of the UK were stressed, they felt 'overwhelmed or unable to cope' at some point over the past year. Stress can grow and explode as burnout or depression as long as they avoid facing the status of emotion. What if people can constantly identify and modify their daily stress behaviors through a joyful and customized mindfulness experience?
The key problem we found was when people are stressed, it is hard to mirror themselves which makes them unaware of their emotions and eventually underestimate their stress. Throughout the workshop, we used templates to help people identify and reflect their stress through different mediums such as colour, shape, emoji. We wanted people to save and share this moment. After the session they all made their own monster to an emoji that they can send it to family or close friends.
Our goal was to create special moments for people to reverse stress to joy. It was meaningful to share participants' life stories using monsters they draw as a medium.
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