Collecting Stories of the things that we didn't noticed before
Project Gaji-Gaji reveals hidden stories to the world. There are various objects and environments that are unspoken, hidden or overlooked, even in the nearest place that we could be. The purpose of this project is to reveal hidden stories and to give readers a new look at what they can easily find around them. (*‘Gaji Gaji’ is a Korean word meaning ‘every kind’.)
The first book of Gaji Giji, ‘'166 Seodun-ro, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do,' consists of plants that live on the site that has been out of reach for 13 years. The site was a campus of the old Seoul National University, which moved due to aircraft noise from nearby navy, the space became that no one used. And the plants began to grow and create their own true colours.
The project started out as a book and has each chapter contains a description of the plant, illustration patterns, details of  leaves · stems · fruits, and tips to know. And it has been expanded and produced as a set of goods that you can enjoy while walking.

Agency: 40000km
Team Credit: Jina Kim, Rinjee Oh, Yeonou Lee, Jouen Baek
Role: Concept development, Creative direction, Book design, Illustration, Project manager
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